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What Clients Say

Alex V. ~ Managing Director, Albany

I have been a clients of Ann's at Optimum Massage Therapy since the beginning of February 2008 and I see her on a weekly basis.

My sporting interests include mountain biking, quad bike riding and off-road riding and these interests typically lead to knocks, scrapes, and the occasional injury.Since seeing Ann, a number of long-term injuries have dimished or they no longer trouble me.

If you are looking for a person who brings a positive engery and attitude to her clients and achieves excellent results and improvements to their health and well being, I strongly recommend Ann's professional style of sports massage.

Alex V
Managing Director



 Ian M. ~ Graphic Designer, Ellerslie

Having been fortunate enough to have been pretty much injury free throughout my life and so not previously requiring massage treatment, I was dubious as to how effective this could be.  Bad posture and long hours in front of a computer screen had now resulted in debilitating pain in my neck, upper back and mouse arm.

After putting off getting it sorted out for months I finally went to see Ann on a friend's recommendation.  Within six weeks the pain had decreased and I had regained mobility in my neck. Receiving treatment, learning what caused the problems and how to prevent any recurrence has made my everyday life far easier.

Ann definitely quashed those initial doubts with her skill and genuine caring approach. Why I didn't go earlier I will never know!  Cheers Ann.



Monica B. ~ Administration, St. Johns

I had been living with a very sore left side neck region for months.  As I have suffered from multiple pains throughout my adult life, I ignored this one too and just got "used" to the pain. I also tried several different methods for relief like accupuncture, physio, osteopathy, you name it! 

I woke up one Saturday morning and couldn't move my neck from side to side at all.  The pain had kept me up much of the night as well.  So my husband went on the internet looking for a therapist that just might be open on the Saturday and 'lo and behold, he found Ann's site.

Well, my luck just got better after seeing Ann.  After four appointments my pain has subsided and with her suggestions of home exercises, I can say that I am pain free now.  Ann displays professionalism beyond her years and she holds empathy for her clients as well.  I found Ann a delight as a person and the only one that could rid me of my neck pain.

Five stars for Ann!

Kindest regards,




Angela N. ~ Communications Executive, Pukekohe

'I initially went to see Ann for some specific work on a sports injury to my left shoulder. She did excellent work managing my discomfort whilst maintaining a relaxed and serene atmosphere with the result being a vast improvement in my overall condition.

Since my initial visits I found out I was pregnant and have continued to see Ann specifically for relaxation massage and work on my rapidly stretching muscles and ligaments. Ann has not only shown a broad knowledge in dealing with my ever changing requirements but also made a great effort to ensure she was fully equipped specifically for pregnancy massages. I have found that regular support from Ann has helped with many aspects of being pregnant and I look forward to continuing on with her post-natally as well.'



David S. ~ WKBF NZ Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champion / Personal Trainer, Ponsonby

'I started to see Ann approximately 9 months ago to receive sports massage to help with muscle soreness as a result of high intensity training and elite competition. I have found that since I have been seeing Ann, that I have been able to achieve a higher level of flexibility and a significant decrease in muscular injuries.  I am able to train at a higher intensity with the end result being that I have been able to set new standards and achieve greater results.  I would personally like to thank Ann for her help and would recommend her to anyone whether it is for sporting reasons or for general everyday living.'  


Stacey I. ~ Athlete / Business Development, Remuera


'I am a competitive Bodybuilding-Figure Competitor. Leading up to a show I train extremely hard always with the intention of looking my very best on stage.  Like many athletes I gave 100% into my training but did not take the time to actually look after my muscles fully and thought that back and shoulder aches where just a part of the sport that I had to live with.


At a recent competition it was pointed out to me that my shoulders where unbalanced and my back was in a bad way. These things have been inhibiting me from reaching my full potential. I decided to take action and had a consultation with Ann. 


Since then I have noticed a huge change in the way my upper body responds to training and no longer have the persistent back ache. I have no doubt that with Ann's skill I am well on the road to reaching my full potential.


Thanks Ann!'




Joyti S. ~ Mortgage Broker, Mission Bay


'Ann has always exhibited a high degree of professionalism during my appointments and I have always left her care feeling totally relaxed and exhilarated. Her devotion to her profession and the way in which she applies her skills have left me in no doubt as to which masseuse I choose to use.


I have recommended her to a number of business associates and friends during the time I have known Ann, and each person who has visited her has complimented her to me, on her outstanding skills and the way in which she delivers those skills.'


Yours Sincerely,





Phil L. ~ Engineer, Epsom


'As someone who had not really experienced massage before, I am impressed with the results I have had with Ann. She has helped ease the back pain I was experiencing from sitting in front of a computer for hours and has also reduced the stiffness that would accompany a good workout at the gym that I always thought was just part of training. When I was complaining of having a headache she worked on my neck and shoulders which quickly eased much of the discomfort. At the time I never thought the pain had anything to do with muscle tension.


I would not hesitate to recommend Ann to anyone. I have always been impressed with her professionalism in the way she approaches my concerns and her genuine caring attitude towards me as a client.'

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