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Optimum Massage Therapy


What to expect at your first appointment

Before beginning your first massage session, I will give you a confidential client history form to complete and will take a few minutes to talk with you about your general health, stress levels, lifestyle, and your goals for the massage (priorities, areas to be addressed, etc.). Muscle testing and assessments may be done if applicable. A pressure scale will also be established so that you maintain control of the session.


You will only be asked to remove clothing to your comfort level (with underwear remaining on). Changing will take place in private and you will be provided with a towel/drape. During your massage, you will be draped appropriately and only the area being worked on will be exposed. I will check with you periodically with regards to pressure and/or muscle tenderness.


Cold pressed almond oil or beeswax based massage waxes may be used, some of which contain essential oils.


Please note that massage is provided as a therapeutic treatment and not a sexual service. Any sexually suggestive comments or advances will result in the session being terminated immediately.


If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Your questions and comments are most welcome!


'I would not hesitate to recommend Ann to anyone.'

Phil - Engineer, Epsom


'I have always left her care feeling totally relaxed and exhilarated.'

Joyti - Broker, Mission Bay


'I have no doubt that with Ann's skill I am well on the road to reaching my full potential.'

Stacey - Athlete, Remuera

Helping you help yourself... naturally!

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Optimum Massage Therapy
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